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Production techniques

The harvesting of the olives is carried out using mechanical means, and is only ever done directly at the tree, as soon as the olives start to ripen, from mid-October all the way through to the end of December. The olives are pressed in a modern, two-phase, continuous-cycle system with a capacity of 40 ql/h, within no more than 12 hours of picking.

The constant monitoring of the malaxation and extraction times – and of the working temperatures, which must never exceed 27°C – makes it possible to guarantee both the safety of the production process and the quality of the finished product, which is fresh and balanced on the palate, evoking grassy and fruit-laden notes.

The annual output, which averages 1500 quintals of extra-virgin olive oil, is stored in stainless-steel containers in a controlled atmosphere and at a constantly monitored temperature – thus ensuring the perfect preservation of the oil.

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