Dop Fruity Sardinia

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(Of Proteded Drigin)
Accademia Olearia’s Fruity Sardinian (Of Protected Origini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by
primarily using olives from the Basana cultivar. The harvest takes place at the moment of average
ripening and is pressed within 12 hours, using the continuous cycle system in 2 phases and the cold
process, with temperatures below 27° C. lt is an oil of good structure with green fruity hints. On
your palate you ca n taste the herbal hints with reminders of artichokes and thistle and finishing
with a wonderful harmony between bitter and spicy.

lt is an excellent ailwhich, thanks ta its balance between bitter and spicy, ca n be used bath as a
candiment in its raw
state or for the preparation of all the dishes regarding Mediterranea n cuisine. Stare the praduct
in a cool and dry piace.

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