Accademia Olearia - Alghero - Produzione olio extravergine d'Oliva Sardegna DOP


Accademia Olearia’s Fruity Sardinian (Of Protected Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is obtained by primarily using olives from the Bosana cultivar.
lt is an oil of good structure with green fruity hints. On
your palate you ca n taste the herbal hints with reminders of artichokes and thistle and finishing with a wonderful harmony between bitter and spicy.

Com'è prodotto

The olive harvest takes place with semi-mechanical methods that do not damage the plant and allow the olives to be harvested at their right degree of ripeness.

Le olive raccolte e selezionate a mano già in campagna vengono portate all’impianto di molitura nell’arco della giornata e non oltre le 10/12 ore dalla raccolta.

La molitura avviene con uno specifico processo a freddo che preserva le qualità organoloettiche delle olive e ne esalta il sapore.

La cultivar

Our Sardinia DOP extra virgin olive oil comes from the milling of the Bosana cultivar harvested in the olive groves located in the north-west of Sardinia, in the municipalities of Alghero and Sassari.

It is a cultivar of medium vigor, with an expansive habit, with elliptical-lanceolate, flat leaves with open apex, of medium development. The olives are medium in size (2.5-3 g), slightly ovoid in shape, fairly symmetrical, with the largest diameter towards the apex. The surface is dotted with numerous small lenticels.
Veraison proceeds starting from the apex and is fairly scalar. At maturity the color is black. It is a medium-late cultivar, in the Medio Campidano it ripens between November and December.


It is an excellent oil which, thanks to its balance between bitter and spicy, can be used bath as a condiment in its raw
state or for the preparation of all the dishes regarding Mediterranean cuisine.


Come tutti i nostri oli extravergine di oliva, anche questo saprà esaltare i sapori di ogni tuo piatto. Dalle insalate più sane e nutrienti sino ai piatti più gustosi e gourmet. Provalo con le nostre ricette.



Molto Buono

The Sardinian DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil Consortium

The Sardinian DOP Consortium certifies the best of Sardinian oil production. Selection of cultivars, production in specific areas, specific yields, strict olive harvesting and oil production processes are the parameters followed by the Consortium to obtain certification.
Our company is the leading producer of this specific certification, holding over 60% of the island’s production.

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Consorzio Sardegna DOP