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Nera di Oliena

Nera di Oliena

A cultivar present throughout Sardinia, particularly in the center of the island.
The Nera di Oliena is a monocultivar, which expresses itself envelopingly at an olfactory level, giving fruity hints of tomato of medium maturity with balsamic notes of basil. The taste is soft and harmonious with variegated vegetable nuances that make it a complex but deeply elegant product.


The olives are harvested using semi-mechanical methods so not to damage the trees and allow the olives to be picked at their right stage of ripeness.
The olives are hand-picked and selected in the countryside and taken to the milling plant during the day and no later than 10/12 hours after harvesting.
The milling takes place with a specific cold process that preserves the organoleptic qualities of the olives and enhances their flavour.

The Cultivar

Our Monocultivar Nera di Oliena extra virgin olive oil comes from the milling of the Nera di Oliena cultivar typical of Nuorese, in the center of Sardinia, but also widespread in the rest of the island.
It is a cultivar of medium vigor, with an expanded habit, with an elliptical, flat, open apex and medium-sized leaves. The olives are large in size (4.5-5 g), spherical and symmetrical in shape. The apex of the drupe is rounded with the presence of an umbo. The surface is sprinkled with numerous large lenticels.
The veraison proceeds uniformly on the whole drupe which is black when ripe. It is a decidedly late cultivar that ripens from December to January.


Its elegant presence as well as the use in raw, makes it the ideal completion of fish dishes such as first courses with molluscs, shrimps in stew or even on a grilled cuttlefish.


Come tutti i nostri oli extravergine di oliva, anche questo saprà esaltare i sapori di ogni tuo piatto. Dalle insalate più sane e nutrienti sino ai piatti più gustosi e gourmet. Provalo con le nostre ricette.