Accademia Olearia - Alghero - Produzione olio extravergine d'Oliva Sardegna DOP


Olio Extravergine Novello Riserva

It is the first olive oil of the new harvest, freshly pressed and immediately bottled to retain its lively fragrance.
The new oil is neither filtered nor decanted, thus obtaining a fresh and intense green olive oil with a high phenolic concentration.
Ideal to satisfy the most demanding palates who love an Extra Virgin olive oil with a full-bodied appearance and a strong and intense taste.


The olives are harvested using semi-mechanical methods so not to damage the trees and allow the olives to be picked at their right stage of ripeness.
The olives are hand-picked and selected in the countryside and taken to the milling plant during the day and no later than 10/12 hours after harvesting.
The milling takes place with a specific cold process that preserves the organoleptic qualities of the olives and enhances their flavour.

The Cultivar

Our Novello extra virgin olive oil is obtained by pressing the Bosana cultivar, cultivated in accordance with organic farming principles.
It is a cultivar of medium vigour, with an expansive growth habit and elliptical-lanceolate, flat, open-topped, medium-sized leaves. The drupes are medium-sized (2,5-3 g), slightly ovoid in shape, fairly symmetrical, with the greater diameter towards the apex. The surface is dotted with numerous small lenticels.
The veraison process starts at the apex and is fairly gradual. When ripe, the drupe’s colour is black. It is a medium-to-late cultivar, ripening between November and December in the Medio Campidano area.


Its intense green color due to the absence of filtering and its characteristic flavor make it an oil suitable for dressing salads, soups, fish and grilled meats raw.


Come tutti i nostri oli extravergine di oliva, anche questo saprà esaltare i sapori di ogni tuo piatto. Dalle insalate più sane e nutrienti sino ai piatti più gustosi e gourmet. Provalo con le nostre ricette.